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  • Day 21 - It's about guts

    "I came across this quote from Pre a couple of years ago and it has inspired me to keep moving forward in my running pursuits: 'Most people race to see who is the fastest. I race to see who has the most guts.' Speed is not something I was gifted with, a lesson I quickly learned during a year of high school track and during my first few years of running 5K races in college. But each time I try a new distance or make a new personal record, I am challenging myself to push more, to see how hard I can kick or how long I can last, and prove to myself that I have the guts to do something I never thought I was capable of." - Brittany, Gazelle Sports HQ

    Day 21

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  • Day 20 - A mile is a mile

    "This is one of my favorite pieces of advice for when runners get discouraged or tired, but it can also resonate with a broader audience:  A mile is a mile, doesn't matter how you get there. If running isn't working for you today, walk instead, something is better than nothing." Michelle, Gazelle Sports Grand Rapids

    Day 20

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  • Day 19 - Man's best friend

    "My dog, Gracie, gets me out everyday. She loves to run, walk, chase deer and other creatures. I like to run and walk, and I've read that human survival was once dependent on chasing down animals like deer, but I'd rather just watch them run away.

    Anyway, I am grateful that Gracie loves winter. She is so happy to get outside, always with a playful bounce and sparkle in her eyes. Her positive attitude about the winter makes me quickly forget any problems that I am dealing with, and I just get into the joy of the moment. We run and walk observing the wonder and beauty of the winter.

    Having a dog is a blessing, and it impacts my health everyday" - Chris, Gazelle Sports Founder & Co-owner

    Day 19-05

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  • Day 18 - Living proof that moving matters

    "My favorite quote is: 'Make the most of what comes and the least of what goes.' I have had 11 operations and two concussions. I have looked death in the eye three times, and the last time I took away something that I live by every day.

    I had Afib (atrial fibrillation), and it got very serious 6 years ago. After numerous tests, the doctors realized I not only had Afib, but also holes in my heart which were getting bigger. I had open-heart surgery in 2011, and my doctor said what saved me was that i had always exercised. It kept my heart strong, in spite of the Afib, in spite of the fact that I should have died.

    So, every day, every customer, I try to tell my story and tell them how very important it is to move every day. It may end up saving your life. Moving matters, and I'm living proof." - Chico, Gazelle Sports Kalamazoo

    Day 18

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  • Day 17 - Lunge the day away

    We're challenging you to lunge your way through your day. As you move from room to room or car to room or conference room to desk or desk to bathroom, lunge instead of walk. Yes, you might look a little weird (we certainly did). But you might also get others on board to move a little more today!

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  • Day 16 - Inspire someone else

    You're halfway there! Now, inspire a friend! Help get a friend moving, and it's sure to get you moving, too!


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  • Day 15 - Hit the (Icy) Ground Running

    Great Gear - Too often, ice and snow keep us from getting outside. There’s nothing worse than falling hard on your rear during a run or walk. The answer: Kahtoola NANOspikes®. Run across slippery, frozen surfaces with ultralight, low-profile traction. Like studded snow tires for your feet, the NANOspikes® bite into icy sidewalks or roads while preserving shoe flexibility.


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  • Day 14 - Don't stress

    "I began running through cross country, and, being a naturally very competitive person, every run became a competition between me and my teammates. Once I finished cross-country and started training for races on my own, every run was a competition with myself. I would do terribly in races I trained so hard for because I would get so stressed out about my performance. So my advice is: no matter what race you're running, no matter what sport you’re playing, keep it fun. Unless you're an Olympic athlete and running or sports is actually your profession, movement should bring you joy above all else. There are way too many other things in life that bring stress, fitness should not be one of them! Now that I choose to remind myself that running my best isn't the most important thing in the world, I've enjoyed running so much more and my times have never been better!" - Autumn, Gazelle Sports HQ

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  • Day 13 - Plank-off

    Last Man Standing! Get some friends, co-workers, strangers, whoever to have a plank off. A quick plank competition is a great way to get more than just yourself moving! Have fun, get in some strength training and push yourself to hold that plank!

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  • Day 12 - Be happy, workout!

    Words to live by: "You're only one workout away from a good mood."


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  • Day 11 - The weather outside is frightful...

    but layers make running DELIGHTFUL! I wanted to take the time to share some tips on dressing for the winter running weather. You want to make sure you are warm and dry, but pay close attention to layering and make sure you are not overdoing it so you don't overheat mid run. Here are some rules of thumb I like to adhere to: 

    30 degrees: 2 tops, 1 bottom. Long-sleeve base layer and a vest keep your core warm. Tights (make sure your knees are covered).

    10 to 20 degrees: 2 tops, 2 bottoms or 1 pair of insulated pants/tights. A jacket over your base layer, and wind pants over the tights works good.

    0 to 10 degrees: 3 tops, 2 bottoms. Two tops (a moisture wicking base layer and a quarter zip) and a jacket (preferably wind resistant). Windbrief for the fellas.

    Minus 10 to 0 degrees: 3 tops, 2 bottoms, extra pair of mittens (hand warmers), 1 Buff wrapped around mouth or a balaclava.

    Minus 20 degrees: 3 tops, 3 bottoms, 2 extra pairs of mittens, 1 balaclava, sunglasses. Or...STAY INSIDE AND WAIT FOR WARMER WEATHER!

    - Angela, Gazelle Sports Northville


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  • Day 10 - Invest in the Future

    "A lot of people ask me how or why I manage to get to the gym so much. My biggest inspiration? My mom. She is 61, doing crossfit and did her first half marathon a couple years ago. She does not take any medications. She never throws her back out anymore. She did a 200+ mile bike trip last year. She hikes with me. She is who I want to be 30 years from now - a woman whose world is expanding instead of shrinking, a woman who gets more out of life because she has never quit moving. She's shown me that being active is an investment in myself as I am now and in the person I will grow to be." - Kelsey, Gazelle Sports HQ


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