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  • Day 29 - Top 10 for new runners

    "Here are the top 10 things I try to impress upon new runners:
    1. If running were easy, everyone would be doing it!
    2. Running with friends is cheaper than therapy.
    3. Running is recess for adults.
    4. Cotton is rotten.
    5. Yoga is an excellent companion to one's running regimen- it helps immensely with breathing and stretching.
    6. Run safely and defensively: wear reflective gear, let someone know where you are going, carry your cell phone, be aware of your surroundings and always run against traffic.
    7. Running is nature's Prozac.
    8. You may have to trick yourself out the door, but you will always gain from your run more than you bargained for!
    9. Running will improve your outlook on life, your confidence, your relationships with others as well as yourself.
    10. Never ever feel your running is a selfish thing because you need to take care of yourself for those that you love. If you happen to be a parent, you are setting a healthy lifestyle example for your children and don't be surprised if they one day decide to join you--Priceless!"
    - Robin, Gazelle Sports Birmingham

    Day 29

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  • Day 28 - Schedule your movement

    "My advice: schedule time for movement and fitness, just as you would anything else. Otherwise, it's too easy to let other things crowd them out. Setting time aside each day to roll out your yoga mat, walk the neighborhood or hit the trails is essential to wellness. Planning these things with family and friends and having them join you in these activities helps you to hold each other accountable. It's a win, win, win for body, mind and spirit."
    - Jeff, Gazelle Sports Grand Rapids

    Day 28

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  • Day 27 - Listen to your body

    "My advice - listen to your body. I ran the Detroit Marathon at 36 weeks pregnant. I had to live by the "listen to your body" mantra daily. It is so important when following a training program under any conditions to do just that. Your body will let you know when you need a rest day or need to slow it down. Listen. Listening to your body will keep you healthy, happy and running injury free."
    -Angela, Gazelle Sports Northville

    Day 27

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  • Day 26 - Don't be stupid, be visible

    "My advice: don't be stupid - be visible. I learned this lesson from a co-worker and close friend (we have a habit of turning coworkers into close friends here at Gazelle Sports) when I was training for my first race ever which happened to be the very first Gazelle Girl Half Marathon.

    Being new to running, I had no practical idea what I should do while running outside in the dark. I was set straight very quickly by Jessica, who used her "mom" voice on me and scared me into basically turning myself into a Christmas tree every other time I've hit the streets in low-light conditions.

    It's crucial and LIFE-SAVING to be visible. And don't forget to light up your dog, too, who so often ends up running slightly ahead of you. Drivers don't see you, as you think they do, and even on sidewalks you still cross the path of cars at intersections and driveways." - Aleksandra, Gazelle Sports Grand Rapids

    Day 26

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  • Day 25 - Try a new route

    "My tip: try running a different route! Getting out on trails is a great way to break up the monotony of road running. It's also a lower-impact surface and works different muscle groups. This helps make you a stronger runner." - Evan, Gazelle Sports Grand Rapids

    Day 25

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  • Day 24 - Leave no time for "what ifs"

    "My advice: leave no time for "what ifs" when it comes to getting active. Put yourself out there and enjoy the places it carries you.

    Heading into my junior year, my great friend Audrey had convinced me to join our cross country team. I hadn't really been interested in running before, however I was looking for a new activity to get involved in. Over the summer, I ran the two mile loop around my neighborhood to prepare for the season.

    It became apparent during our first week of captain practices that this sport would require a lot more rigorous training. In the beginning, I really wanted to quit after the extensive hill suicides, boot camps and intervals. My mom encouraged me to stick with it and told me it would get a little bit easier every day.

    My teammates were incredibly supportive and helped ease my transition onto the team. My first race was the Melon Run in Howell. During my last mile a major storm came in, however it was the most incredible experience seeing my teammates at the last stretch in the torrential downpour.

    Needless to say, I joined track and returned to XC this year. My favorite part of the experience has been the amazing people I have gotten to know along the way. I enjoy running because it is one of those sports where you do not need to compete against anyone but yourself and personal record. It does not matter how fast you go, or what place you come in. I was never a varsity or JV runner, however I am sure that I have enjoyed the season just as much as my fellow teammates." - Sabrina, Gazelle Sports Birmingham

    Day 24

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  • Day 23 - Celebrate finish lines, not finish times

    "I love the saying, 'celebrate finish lines, not finish times.' You don't have to be fast to run (though it's okay if you are fast, too. We won't hold it against you :) ). But celebrate the fact that you're out there doing it. Celebrate the fact that there is air moving through your lungs and your feet are moving beneath you. Many don't have the same opportunity. Every run is a celebration. So back of the pack or first over the line, celebrate - no matter what!" Alli, Gazelle Sports Holland

    Day 23

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  • Day 22 - Sign up for a race!

    "I think the best way to light a fire under my fitness habits is to sign up for an event. Rather than waiting to get in shape or to see what the weather will be like on that particular day, I pick an event down the road and I pay for it. Now I'm invested.

    I can pay for gym memberships month after month, but just exercising on a daily basis doesn't lead to any one point in life of being glad I put in all the sweat hours. The older I get, the less I find myself in situations in which my level of fitness is quantified or is a part of my daily survival.

    However, if I know a race is coming, I can mentally and physically prepare for that event. It brings my competitive spirit out of hiding. Sometimes I get to the finish line and I find out I wasn't ready like I wish I'd been, but I always finish with a sense of satisfaction. I usually find enjoyment in the race, just as I did the months or weeks of training ahead of time, and I remember just how fun this whole fitness thing can be." Andrew, Gazelle Sports HQ


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  • Day 21 - It's about guts

    "I came across this quote from Pre a couple of years ago and it has inspired me to keep moving forward in my running pursuits: 'Most people race to see who is the fastest. I race to see who has the most guts.' Speed is not something I was gifted with, a lesson I quickly learned during a year of high school track and during my first few years of running 5K races in college. But each time I try a new distance or make a new personal record, I am challenging myself to push more, to see how hard I can kick or how long I can last, and prove to myself that I have the guts to do something I never thought I was capable of." - Brittany, Gazelle Sports HQ

    Day 21

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  • Day 20 - A mile is a mile

    "This is one of my favorite pieces of advice for when runners get discouraged or tired, but it can also resonate with a broader audience:  A mile is a mile, doesn't matter how you get there. If running isn't working for you today, walk instead, something is better than nothing." Michelle, Gazelle Sports Grand Rapids

    Day 20

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  • Day 19 - Man's best friend

    "My dog, Gracie, gets me out everyday. She loves to run, walk, chase deer and other creatures. I like to run and walk, and I've read that human survival was once dependent on chasing down animals like deer, but I'd rather just watch them run away.

    Anyway, I am grateful that Gracie loves winter. She is so happy to get outside, always with a playful bounce and sparkle in her eyes. Her positive attitude about the winter makes me quickly forget any problems that I am dealing with, and I just get into the joy of the moment. We run and walk observing the wonder and beauty of the winter.

    Having a dog is a blessing, and it impacts my health everyday" - Chris, Gazelle Sports Founder & Co-owner

    Day 19-05

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  • Day 18 - Living proof that moving matters

    "My favorite quote is: 'Make the most of what comes and the least of what goes.' I have had 11 operations and two concussions. I have looked death in the eye three times, and the last time I took away something that I live by every day.

    I had Afib (atrial fibrillation), and it got very serious 6 years ago. After numerous tests, the doctors realized I not only had Afib, but also holes in my heart which were getting bigger. I had open-heart surgery in 2011, and my doctor said what saved me was that i had always exercised. It kept my heart strong, in spite of the Afib, in spite of the fact that I should have died.

    So, every day, every customer, I try to tell my story and tell them how very important it is to move every day. It may end up saving your life. Moving matters, and I'm living proof." - Chico, Gazelle Sports Kalamazoo

    Day 18

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