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  • Half/Full Marathon Training Program Week 17

    Welcome to Week 17! Race day will be here before you know it. This week we’re talking about race day tips. Here are some things you should keep in mind:

    1. Rest your mind as well as your body. Get good sleep!
    2. Eat well. Fuel yourself how you want to fuel your race.
    3. Test out your race day outfit (including shoes) before the race.
    4. Remember that this is just another run. At the end of the day, you’re just putting one foot in front of the other.
    5. Lastly, be patient, be confident and don’t sweat the small stuff. People have a tendency to start the race faster than they should. Remember to take it easy and find your pace. This is your race, so have fun with it.

    If you are still looking for a little extra motivation to get you to the finish line, think about what motivates you. You are about to accomplish something amazing and you should celebrate. When the finish line seems far away, think about that 26.2 or 13.1 magnet for your car, that Patagonia top you’ve been eyeing or that dessert/micro brew you’ve been craving. Whatever it is that motivates you, use it to your advantage on race day.

    Keep Moving!

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  • Shop the styles from our fall mailer

    To moving more...

    Whether it’s an early morning jog, a quick walk during that too-short lunch break, sets of sit ups during the Netflix binge we swear never happened, or an evening yoga class, we’re committing to moving more this fall and we hope you’ll join us.

    Seize the day and look fabulous while doing it! You can start with these styles:

    PrintBrooks Dash 1/2 Zip  /  Greenlight Tight SE  /  Adrenaline ASR 12

    PrintBrooks Joyride Hoodie  /  Distance Tank  /  Streaker Tight  /  Ghost 8

    PrintSmartwool Isto Sport Sweater  /  Corbet Skirt

    PrintSaucony Velocity Long Sleeve Top  /  Scoot Capri  /  Guide 8

    PrintLolë Call Me Dress

    PrintLolë Essence Cardigan  /  Run Capri 

    PrintUnder Armour Essential Jacket  /  Slim Air Cargo Pants

    PrintUnder Armour Transit Top  /  Studio Printed Legging

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  • Half / Full Marathon Training Programs Week 16

    Welcome to Week 16! Now that we’re in more of an in-between season (not too hot, not too cold), we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to talk about transitional pieces and safety gear.

    First, let’s talk about transitional pieces. A lightweight, breathable, packable jacket is a perfect companion for those in-between season runs. Especially in Michigan - where weather can change quickly - it’s great to have a lightweight jacket just in case!

    Second, let’s talk safety. Any time you’re running at night in low-light situations or on busy streets, being seen means staying safe! We carry options like brightly colored reflective gear and blinking lights that help you be visible to others.

    Other valuable safety tips include:
    Leave your headphones at home.
    Carry identification, including your name, phone number and blood type.
    Carry a cell phone.
    Trust your intuition about a person or an area
    Always stay alert & aware of what's going on around you.
    Tell friends & family of your route and when they can expect you home.
    Run against traffic so that you can observe approaching cars
    Practice memorizing license tags or identifying characteristics of strangers.
    Look both ways before crossing and make sure drivers acknowledge your right of way before running in front of vehicles
    Call the police immediately if anything happens to you or someone else, or if you notice anything out of the ordinary.
    Avoid un-populated areas, deserted streets, overgrown trails, parked cars and bushes. Especially avoid unlit areas at night.
    Run with a buddy!

    Keep Moving!

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  • Half / Full Marathon Training Programs Week 15

    Welcome to Week 15! This week we will talk about all the miles you’ve been logging on your shoes, and if it’s time to replace them.

    What you should know about running shoes is that they generally last 300-500 miles. This will vary greatly depending on the type of shoe, running surface, your running gait, etc. After these many miles, even if the outsole still looks good, the midsole will have lost its ability to compress and rebound, thus no longer adequately absorbing shock. Your body will be forced to absorb more of the forces generated by running, which can lead to discomfort and injury.

    Sometimes the best way to know for sure if you need new shoes is to try on a new pair. If you notice a big difference right away, it’s a sign that it’s time to replace your old shoes.

    In terms of timing, now is the perfect time to break in a new pair of shoes before your big race. Remember, we highly discourage running your race in shoes you’ve never worn before.

    Keep Moving!

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  • Half / Full Marathon Training Programs Week 14

    Welcome to Week 14! This week we will discuss a couple of really useful accessories for runners.

    First of all, let’s talk about race belts. Think of a race belt as a smaller, more convenient version of the fanny pack. A race belt is a great tool for all of your training runs, plus it’s lightweight. You’ll hardly notice it. Come race day, you can pin your bib to it to avoid poking holes in your shirt. A small expandable pocket easily holds a cell phone, ID and/or keys.

    Next, let’s talk sunglasses. Gazelle Sports sells sunglasses that will stay put even when you’re on the move. Keep the sun out of your eyes with a stylish pair specifically designed with the runner in mind.

    Keep Moving!

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  • Half / Full Marathon Training Programs Week 13

    Welcome to Week 13! This week we will discuss cross training, which is important for every training program participant.

    Cross training is beneficial for runners of all distances and skill levels. When you use the same muscle groups over and over again by running, you’re at a higher risk for a repetitive-use injury. You’re also at risk for boredom.

    The goal of cross training is to utilize other methods of exercise (cycling, swimming, yoga, strength training) in order to increase flexibility, strength and endurance. Plus, trying something new can decrease boredom, and you might just find a new activity that you like! The most important thing is to have fun and keep moving.

    Keep Moving!

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  • Half / Full Marathon Training Programs Week 12

    Welcome to Week 12! This week we will talk about all things headwear.

    Hats, headbands and Buff bands are great for keeping hair and sweat out of your face and eyes, plus many offer UV sun protection. Hats are a great option for rainy days. They help keep the rain out of your eyes, plus, when you also wear a rain proof jacket you can stay completely dry! Buff bands are not just for keeping your face and ears warm in the winter, they are also a great way to protect yourself from the sun in the warmer months. Check out all the different ways you can wear them here (add a link to the With so many options, a Buff band is great to have for every run! Ladies: don’t let your flyaways affect your run, try one of our headbands! With so many options, you are sure to find one that gets the job done and looks great.

    Keep Moving!

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  • Half / Full Marathon Training Programs Week 11

    Welcome to Week 11! This week, we will talk about taking care of your tech apparel - shirts, shorts, pants, socks and bras.

    We always recommend washing technical apparel with sports washes, such as Sweat X Sport. Sweat X Sport is a specially formulated high performance sports laundry detergent that is designed to remove even the toughest sports stains and stench from technical fabrics. Bonus: it’s 100 percent biodegradable, 100 percent non-toxic and nearly neutral pH. This stuff works so well that we tried it out on 10-year-old Patagonia base layers. After three washes (and wearing in between), the base layer looked and smelled as good as new.

    Remember to check the tag on your apparel before washing it. Sometimes they include special care instructions.

    Keep Moving!

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  • 5k / 10k Training Programs Week 10

    Welcome to Week 10! You’ve made it so far, and the end is in sight!

    This week is all about treating yourself. You are about to accomplish something amazing and you should celebrate. Now is the time to reward yourself with that Patagonia top you’ve been eyeing or that dessert you’ve been craving. Whatever it is that motivates you, use it to your advantage on race day.

    And what about after race day? You may be asking yourself, “What’s next?” Lucky for you, we have a lot of resources to keep you moving. Whether it’s a triathlon, adventure race, trail running or yoga, we want to support you on your next adventure. Stop in and see us – we’d love to hear how you’re doing!

    Keep Moving!

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  • Half / Full Marathon Training Programs Week 10

    Welcome to Week 10! This week we will discuss what happens when you suspect you have an injury.

    The bad news is that most runners will experience an injury during their lifetime. Here are a couple facts about injuries that you should be aware of:

    ■ Almost all running injuries are repetitive use injuries. Sure, a runner may twist an ankle from time to time, but most injuries are caused by overuse - either a biomechanic issue, muscle imbalance or a combination of the two.
    ■ Strength training is critical to both preventing and treating running injuries.
    ■ Footwear and insoles can play a critical role in treating and preventing injuries, though they are almost never the magic cure.

    So what should you do in the event of an injury? We recommend that you see a medical professional ASAP. Medical professionals may encourage you to try lower impact activities, such as swimming or biking while you wait for your injury to heal. Whatever you do, don’t participate in activities that cause your injury to become worse. We also carry special straps, wraps and socks that can help ease your aches and pains as you progress through training to prepare for race day.

    Keep Moving!

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  • Half / Full Marathon Training Programs Week 9

    Welcome to Week 9! At this point, we are officially halfway through training. Can you believe it? What you probably can believe is how incredibly tired your legs can be after a long run. This week, we will talk about something that may just help - compression.

    Compression gear helps keep fresh blood flowing to your muscles, which can decrease recovery time and reduce soreness in muscles. For example: compression socks and calf sleeves can greatly reduce the pain of shin splints. Many of our staff members swear by CEP knee-high socks to help get them through long training runs and races. The best way to see if compression can benefit your training is to try it out! We carry socks, calf sleeves and tights in various lengths to suit particular needs.

    Keep Moving!

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  • 5k / 10k Training Programs Week 9

    Welcome to Week 9! Now that you’ve been training for a while, you might be wondering what other exercises you can incorporate into your running routine.

    This week we will focus on cross training. Cross training is beneficial for runners of all distances and skill levels. It can help you avoid injury and get stronger in other areas. Cycling, swimming and yoga are great examples of cross training for runners. Look for activities that are lower impact and focus on flexibility, strength and endurance. The most important thing is to have fun!

    Keep Moving!

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