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Josh Vork - Holland-02

Assistant Store Manager 

Josh Vork  •  616.392.2282 ext 503

Whether it’s the first step in a walking program, the last step of an ultra-marathon, or anywhere in between, I know that an active lifestyle can make a difference for those I care deeply about and for friends I haven’t yet met. As a husband, father, coach, and athlete I want to see the Lakeshore community transformed by movement.” -Josh

ali land-02

Community Programs Coordinator

Allison Land  •  616.392.2282 

To me, a healthy lifestyle encompasses all aspects of life – from what we eat to how much we move. Whenever someone walks through the door at Gazelle Sports, I look forward to providing them with the tools they need to get moving, or keep moving, be it shoes, apparel, socks, or even words of encouragement. Movement is important for everyone, and I love to encourage others to get out there and give it their all. ” – Allison