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Store Manager
Aleksandra Schab  •  248.534.1372

“Working every single day with people that desire to be healthy, active, and enjoy every moment of their life, is simply AWESOME. Going to work is fun, because I can be who I truly enjoy being and help others to do the same! Positive Mind – Positive Life. All this is the essence of what we do here at Gazelle Sports.” – Aleksandra

Christine Pedder-02

Assistant Store Manager
Christine Pedder  •  248.534.1372

“I love all things University of Michigan and Detroit Tigers. I enjoy running and participating in various races, playing and coaching basketball and soccer and I love to sail and swim in the summer!” -Christine

angela carron-02

Community Outreach Coordinator
Angela Carron •  248.534.1372

“Running is my passion. I strive to share the love I have for running with my friends, family and community. I hope to inspire others to discover their potential to change their lives by getting out and running their way to a healthy, happy life remembering that anything is possible and the sky is the limit.”  -Angela