Half / Full Marathon Training Programs Week 10

Welcome to Week 10! This week we will discuss what happens when you suspect you have an injury.

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The bad news is that most runners will experience an injury during their lifetime. Here are a couple facts about injuries that you should be aware of:

■ Almost all running injuries are repetitive use injuries. Sure, a runner may twist an ankle from time to time, but most injuries are caused by overuse – either a biomechanic issue, muscle imbalance or a combination of the two.
■ Strength training is critical to both preventing and treating running injuries.
■ Footwear and insoles can play a critical role in treating and preventing injuries, though they are almost never the magic cure.

So what should you do in the event of an injury? We recommend that you see a medical professional ASAP. Medical professionals may encourage you to try lower impact activities, such as swimming or biking while you wait for your injury to heal. Whatever you do, don’t participate in activities that cause your injury to become worse. We also carry special straps, wraps and socks that can help ease your aches and pains as you progress through training to prepare for race day.

Keep Moving!