Half / Full Marathon Training Programs Week 7

Welcome to Week 7! Last week we talked about hydration belts and bottles, so we thought this week we would give you suggestions on what to put in them (besides water).

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We all know water is great, but should you try something else? We recommend electrolyte beverages because they contain sodium and potassium to enhance water absorption and retention. They also help replace water lost by sweating. Consider consuming an electrolyte beverage if you’re running for over an hour, if you’re a heavy sweater (you lose more than 2 lbs. of sweat/hour), or if you are a salty sweater (your clothes often become crusty during a run). Staff members at Gazelle Sports are obsessed with Nuun active electrolyte tabs because they are low calorie, convenient, effective and delicious! Remember: it’s important to test out electrolyte beverages in training so that you know how they’ll affect you on race day.

Keep Moving!