Measure What Matters

Bin SignageGazelle Sports, along with Local First and Cascade Engineering, were honored with the Measure What Matters Award at the 2014 B Corp Champions Retreat in Burlington, VT in early October.

The award was given to three certified Benefit Corporations (B Corps) for their collaborative work in West Michigan to advocate for positive social and environmental change in their community.

This honor for Gazelle Sports comes on the one-year anniversary of its B Corp certification, a designation awarded by B Lab, a non-profit group that promotes sustainable business practices. Each company must meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency before it can be awarded with Benefit Corporation status.

B Corp certified companies are actively leading the way in which success in business is defined; developing equitable and sustainable best practices to help solve social, environmental and business problems. They work to make a real difference for all of their stakeholders: owners, customers, employees, communities and the world.

Gazelle Sports’ co-founder and owner, Chris Lampen-Crowell, said, “Here in West Michigan, we are fortunate to follow the example set by one of the nation’s first B Corps, Cascade Engineering, and its CEO, Fred Keller. And now, Local First West Michigan is convening four other companies that have joined Cascade Engineering along with Grand Valley State University’s Business Ethics Department to learn from each other and increase the awareness of the B Corp movement. We’ve all agreed to use the B Corp measurement tools to assess our business practices and impact so that our success goes beyond anecdotal claims.”

Gazelle Sports also uses a triple bottom line to help measure their progress. This accounting framework incorporates three dimensions of performance: social, environmental and financial (otherwise known as the 3Ps: people, planet, profits).

“This practice provides for a great outcome since we as a company really want to be engaged in doing something through business to make the environment better and create more of a social/relationship-based economy, focused on people and connections, rather than only financial transactions,” said Lampen-Crowell.

Other B Corps in West Michigan include Better World Imports, Brewery Vivant and Bazanni Associates.

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