The NEW Smartwool PhD

See what our staff has to say about the new PhD Run socks from Smartwool.

“The sock of all socks! I can’t rave about this sock enough. It combines all my favorite aspects of a sock bundled into one. The fit is phenomenal, it keeps blisters at bay and feels great under foot. The high performance merino wool is the best of the best and will keep you comfortable all year round.”
- Susan Hoddinott
“Self-admittedly, I am a sock-ohalic. My sock drawer runneth over. But the new Smartwool PhD socks are special because I find myself digging past all other options to find them. They combine the best aspects of all my favorite brands into the perfect pair of socks!”
- Darin Piippo
“The new Smartwool Run PhD socks are incredible! They provide the perfect amount of cushioning and softness that hugs your foot in the best way possible. They are by far my favorite socks to run in!”
- Cara Zerbel
“I love the new SmartWool socks! The fit is better for my foot, with a snugger women’s-specific fit. I also like the cushion that the new sock provides – the perfect amount of softness without being too much. Its a perfect sock for me!”
- Michelle Staal
“My feelings for the new Smartwool PhD line can be described best with a haiku:
Cozy in winter
Blister free longer running
My feet do not stink”
- Evan Groendyk