Winter Run Camp: Half Marathon/25k/Full Marathon


Whether you are just starting to run, starting over, or are gearing up for a personal best marathon, we will support you with personalized Lydiard™ training schedules, positive guidance, informative clinics, and fun weekly group training runs.

NEW! This year our long distance training programs will be using the Lydiard Method, one of most utilized training system for endurance sports worldwide by both recreational runners and champions. In addition to following this method our Run Campers will have access to the Running Wizard, an online training tool you can use to track progress and customize your training plan to your goals!


What do participants receive with the Lydiard Training

  • Personalized training schedule based on ability and goal event
  • Access to a fantastic amount of information on training through Running Wizard website
  • Online log to track workouts, communicate with coaches and team.
  • Daily emails outlining run for the day and the next day.
  • Lydiard Certified Coach

What are Benefits for participants beyond the Lydiard Training?

  • 10% discount on regular price products in store during the program
  • Participant item
  • Dedicated team leaders
  • Supported routes
  • Informational clinics
  • Medical Professionals onsite during select runs to offer support
  • Exclusive Run Camp discount days and product opportunities at Gazelle Sports
  • Fun, social atmosphere
  • Plus, participate in the annual program and receive and additional participant items from Priority Health!

Training Program Info

Training Starts
January 13, 2018

Training Dates/Times
Grand Rapids: Wed 6 pm / Sat 8 am
Holland: Wed 6 pm / Sat 8 am
Northville: Tues 6:30 pm / Sat 8 am
Birmingham: Tues 6 pm / Sat 8 am

Kalamazoo: Join us at Borgess Run Camp!

Info Nights
Grand Rapids

December 11 | 6 pm at Gazelle Sports Grand Rapids
January 10 | 6 pm at Gazelle Sports Grand Rapids
December 13 | 6 pm at SIMIO PT
January 10 | 6 pm at SIMIO PT
December 6 | 6:30 pm at Gazelle Sports Northville
January 10 | 6:30 pm at Gazelle Sports Northville
December 5 | 6:30 pm at Gazelle Sports Birmingham
January 10 | 6:30 pm at Gazelle Sports Birmingham

Registration is open!

Program Price: $129.95

Annual Program Price: $220
*The Annual Program Price includes both the winter and summer sessions of Priority Health Run Camp! Plus, you’ll receive a special gift from Priority Health when you join the Annual Program.

Train for any spring event!

Your program can be tailored to train for any spring marathon or half marathon. We invite you to join us as we target the Fifth Third River Bank Run 25k,  the Bayshore Half/Full Marathon, and the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon.


Our Coaches:


Rob Andro
Grand Rapids


Allison Land


Angela Carron


Patrick Whinnery