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A Very Different Shopping Experience

Many of you reading this have likely shopped at one of our three stores. And I want to thank you. Your support has allowed us to grow a local business over the past 29 years. The word “local” really does mean something significant and different. We love people, places and organizations that are a part of where we live!

I hope you will shop with us this season and experience the Gazelle Sports difference. This difference starts with our staff. We hire and train an incredible group of people that care about health, our community and you. I have to brag that the staff members at Gazelle Sports are exceptional human beings that live our values of active living, care, learning, excellence and community. You’ll find happy ,authentic people who will share knowledge, information and passion… qualities that are seldom found in national chain stores.

The difference continues in the investment we make in people, non-profits and our communities. We believe that we can assist you best by supporting and organizing gatherings, events, programs, opportunities for education and access to professionals. We also collaborate with other organizations to help build a sustainable community structure that impacts health through active living and fitness. Ours is not a business model that is just based on transactions, but one based on relationships with you and our community partners. We firmly believe that health is a community priority. We envision all people being enabled to access movement and fitness. We believe we are better together.

Gazelle Sports’ business difference is also a commitment to a triple bottom line – people, planet and profit. We understand that this is easy to use as a slogan, thus we wanted to measure our efforts. We undertook an extensive assessment last year that measured our financial, social and environmental impact resulting in a certification called B Corp (similar to LEED certification for buildings). We now have international standards and a real way to understand best practices so that we can become more sustainable and drive real change.

I invite you to stop into Gazelle Sports and feel the difference of a local company that values you and our shared community. I am privileged to be in business in one of the best places in the world! And myself, and all of Gazelle Sports, are committed to you.

Keep Moving,