Are you ready for your race?

By Shawna Fitzgerald, Women’s Apparel Specialist

Are you ready for your race?

Several Gazelle Sports sponsored races are just around the corner! Are you ready?  Huntington Reeds Lake Run 5k is June 6th and the Brian Diemer 5k is June 10th.  These are the last two races of the Gazelle Sports Triple Crown Series and are a blast to participate in!

Nike Impossibly Lite Jacket Pink

We’ve got all the gadgets, gear, and gizmos you might need for your big race day! The Nike Impossibly Lite Jacket and the New Balance Ultra Hooded Jacket are both must-haves as we are training in this rainy weather.

  • 100% Nylon makes them lightweight and breathable.
  • Self-packing by fitting into it’s own front chest pocket!
  • Hooks and handles allow this piece to easily store as you go.
  • DWR coating to increase durability and water-resistance.

Body Glide PinkYou’ve been dedicated to your training but you feel something has gone terribly wrong. Ouch! You’ve just realized your beautiful running form isn’t preventing chafing. Now with every step you feel your shirt rubbing, your bra band, your socks… you get it.

Start race day with a generous layer of Body Glide to create an invisible barrier against chafing, irritation and raw skin caused by rubbing.  Reach your goals pain-free, and dare I say, bleed-free!

SmartWool Women's Socks SmartWool socks are a smart choice for any run any day. Wool is a phenomenal fiber that naturally manages moisture and regulates temperature. This natural antibacterial wicks sweat, evaporates it and ultimately prevents odor and blisters. Take care of SmartWool and SmartWool will take care of you. Keep the care simple by avoiding

  • bleach
  • dryer sheets
  • fabric softner
  • tech wash

While all of these tools might be a staple in your regular washing routine, they might actually reverse the natural benefits of these socks. Keep it simple and you will have some super happy feet.

Run happy!