Gazelle Goes Bagless

Gazelle Sports has gone bagless

Christina Morrow / Gazelle Sports Sustainability Committee / March 1, 2020

We're going a little greener by eliminating plastic bags and offering reusable bags at checkout.

As one of the initiatives of the Gazelle Sports Sustainability Committee, Gazelle Sports is now “bagless”. What does that mean for our stores? Beginning March 1, we will be rolling out our reusable bags at check-out. The goal of this new step toward sustainability is two-fold: to reduce single-use bags hitting the landfill, and to inspire a change in behavior when it comes to using reusable shopping bags.

Complimentary reusable bags will be offered for all purchases over $25. For purchases under $25, a small bag may be purchased for $1 and a large for $1.50. We're also holding a quarterly $25 gift card giveaway - if you bring your own bag or say "no" to one of ours, you'll be entered to win!

We’re ready to go all in, but change takes time. Beginning with our commitment to reusable bags, we will continue to evaluate areas of improvement and reduce the impact that we have on the environment. The Sustainability Committee is determined to position Gazelle Sports as an industry leader in sustainability among our run specialty peers, and with support of the communities that we call home, we’re confident that we can get there!