NEW 100% Natural and organic fuel for your active lifestyle

Clif Organic Energy Food NEW Clif Organic Energy Food
The next generation of sports nutrition. Inspired by the home recipes of Team Clif Bar athletes, each recipe is designed to provide endurance athletes with energy from real food ingredients like those they could find in their own kitchens, satisfying cravings for either real fruit or salty comfort food.
Flavors: Banana Mango w/ Coconut, Banana Beet w/ GingerGazelle Sports Staff Review:
“I try to eat as cleanly as possible, and finding fuel for my long runs is a persistent problem. The new Clif Organic Energy Foods are unbelievable! The taste is great, it’s easy on my stomach, and the real food in this gives me steady energy without leaving me prone to bonks.”
-Rob Andro, Professional Outreach Administrator, Gazelle Sports GR

Huma Energy Gels

Huma Energy Gels
Great tasting, 100% natural, long-lasting performance energy gels from Huma give you a steady energy release with no crashes thanks to the use of ground chia seeds.
Flavors: Strawberries, Café Mocha, Apples & Cinnamon, Lemonade