Running Safety: The Basics

All you need is a good pair of shoes, the motivation to step out the door and a few run safety basics.

Katie Siroonian | Gazelle Sports Northville

Ready to get started?

Face traffic: run against traffic, so drivers see you and you see them.

When night running wear reflective clothing so cars can see you. Investing in a headlamp is also a good call so you can see where you are going.

If possible, run with a buddy. It is safer and more fun!

Run with an ID. (an ID bracelet or driver's license in case of an emergency)

Let someone know the route you are running and how long you’ll be out, if you are running alone.

Run familiar routes and vary your route and time of run.

Take your phone in case of emergency.

Check the weather before run. You don’t want to get stuck during severe weather.

If you run with music invest in Aftershokz that allow you to hear cars and people around you.

Avoid unpopulated and unlit areas, especially at night. If you are running in an area where you don’t feel safe- carrying pepper spray isn’t a bad idea.