The Benefits of a Good Form while Running

So you've taken up running - Yay! Good for you. Running will open up so many doors for you: physically and mentally! It will be your best friend, your personal therapy, your worst enemy, your addiction (in a good way!), and everything in between.

By now, you might be weeks, maybe even months into this whole running "thing" and you don't know what really triggered your sudden urge to run and you love it, but now you are starting to feel some shin splints, some aches in your feet, black toenails - and you might think, "my body is getting use to it, this is normal." But, let's dive deeper into that.

What could it really be? We have a few suggestions.

Step 1:

We cannot stress this enough! If you have not been properly fitted for shoes by a shoe expert at Gazelle Sports - this is a must! The aches and pains you feel while running are not because your body is adjusting to this new form of exercise, it's because your shoes might be too big/too small, too tight or could be a million other reasons why they might be causing you issues. Check out our recent post on why it's important to have you feet properly fitted for shoes: The Importance of Having Your Athletic Sneakers Fitted.

This will save you years of pain and make running more exciting, rather than daunting! This is the first step.

Step 2:

Check out our Good Form Running Clinics! You can find the schedules for each store: Good Form Running

You might be thinking, "Good form running? I don't need to go to this, running is just one foot in front of the other."

While this may be true, having an expert review your running form and providing feedback on your cadence will go a long way.

"Good Form Running got rid of my shin splints!" - Kelsey R.

Our Good Form Running clinic provides an overview of what we consider the most important biomechanical issues influencing running form. Each clinic, we will present key points in a simple and easy to apply manner while giving individual feedback and attention, including filmed analysis of each attendees form.

Good Form Checklist:

1. Posture
Relax Shoulders
Arms at 90 degrees
Thumbs up
Be Tall

2. Lean
Lean from ankles instead of waist - Stay Tall
Engage glutes and hamstrings to pull foot through
Kick foot back

3. Midfoot
Strike with "whole foot"
Lead/drive knee
Keep foot parallel to ground

4. Cadence
Increase footfalls (goal 180/min)
Shorter, quicker strides
Increase in arm speed will increase cadence
Keep feet in hipline

When taking a look at the complete checklist for good form, it can seem a little overwhelming.

"How do I do all of that with each stride I take?" But trust us when we say, Good Form Running will make you more efficient and help to prevent injuries, both which are necessary to making you a faster runner!

Try out a Good Form Running clinic, see for yourself just how much of a difference it will make on your journey to becoming a better and stronger runner.