The Best Fitness Advice I've Ever Received

Do you ever have those moments when you feel so lost or can’t find the motivation, but then you hear a few simple sentences or an experience completely shifts your mindset and motivation? We do, too.

We asked a few of our staff what was the best fitness advice they’ve ever received and we want to share, in hopes that one (if not all) will resonate with you.

"Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving." - W.T. Purkiser

"Perhaps a bit of a stretch to tie in to fitness, but I quickly realized after back surgery last year how much I take for granted in regards to everyday movement, and grew to appreciate the little things much more." - Kyle, Grand Rapids Store Manager

Everyone has a different journey and story and to just start!

"I love this quote because everyone was once a beginner. You just need to start!" - Marcia Grajewsk, Grand Rapids

Always listen to your body.

"This is such a great reminder, but often forgotten. When you feel really sore or tired, be willing to make adjustments to your schedule and take rest when you need it...your body will thank you in the long run." - Josh Dedering, Birmingham Store Manager

Never go more than two days without including some sort of intentional movement.

Since motivation is never something to rely on, it's important to not lose that momentum towards your goals! - Taylor Harbin, Kalamazoo Assistant Store Manager

Engage your core and listen to your body.

"A strong core helps to prevent injury and gives us strength in our movements. The core is a central part of every movement we do. Our body's pay attention to what is the most important to ourselves and we need to listen whether we need to take a rest day, get some more sleep, or are capable to push through the last mile of a race. Our body's know and we need to learn to listen." - Molly McKinnery, Holland 5K/10K Run Camp Leader

Slow progress is still progress.

"I've gotten little pieces of good advice, and this is a favorite." - Monica Bliss, Grand Rapids

Just Move.

These two words are so simple, but we tend to over complicate things (I definitely do). There are so many programs, classes, opinions on what workouts to do, what time of day to workout, what to eat, what not to eat, etc. We make it so complicated that we almost don't even want to start, but in reality all it takes is to just move, eat well. The less complicated, the happier we are. - Lisa Bernath, Social Media Coordinator