The best sports bras for every workout

If you've ever gone out for a run, or attended a studio class, or maybe even did a cross fit workout without the proper sports bra - you know after that one experience that you will always, without a doubt, make sure you never have to experience that again.

When we think of sports bras, we think support, but sometimes the importance of a sports bra can be overlooked until you experience a sweat sesh without the best support. You don't want the effect of your unsupported sports bra to take away from crushin' it at your next gym sesh. So we asked a few of our staff members what their favorite sports bras were for different types of workouts.

Before we start, let's begin with a Sports Bra checklist:

- Multiple bras (less laundry, right?)
- Should be able to fit no more than two fingers sideways under the band
- Straps that feel secure
- Retire all sports bras before their anniversary of purchase date
- Make sure your sports bras is set on the outermost set of hooks when you purchase it
- You should not have any gapping at the sides or top of your bra cups, but also you should not be bulging out of the sides

Best For: Running
"For running I love my Brooks Uprise Crossback sports bra. It has thinner straps that I love that don't dig in at all! It has contoured cups are lightly padded and the padding is a part of the cup meaning it doesn't move round or fall out after washes. I also love my Fiona bra for running. Unlike the Uprise the Fiona does not have straps that cross in the back but rather a more open back. The straps are adjustable which is huge! I am a mom of two as well and love this feature for nursing which causes fluctuation in my cup size to be able to adjust the strap length is amazing." - Gretchen, Birmingham

Best For: Yoga, Walks, Hiking & Camping
"My favorite sports bra would be the New Balance Women's Pace sports bra. I, personally, do not need a ton of support so I look for something that fits well, is light-weight, and comfortable to wear during many activities. I enjoy wearing this sports bra for yoga classes, walking my dog, Rory, and getting outside hiking/camping." - Alyssa, Grand Rapids
Best For: Cross-Training
"For cross training I love my Brooks Hot Shot sports bra. This is a low impact bra and perfect for cycling and yoga. I prefer a very light bra for my cross training and this one is perfect. It has removable padding in the cups which is great to adjust for colder or warmer weather or if I want a bit more support or not. Like the Uplift and Fiona the material of the Hot Shot is super breathable and perfect for warmer weather or in the gym." - Gretchen, Birmingham
Best For: General Gym Use
"I love the New Balance Power sports bra and the Brooks Juno. I love that they both have what I call "modesty coverage" and are super supportive. I use them for general gym use, running, and spin classes. I also enjoy that with the updates they are easier to take off once you're done with a workout. Nothing is more stressful than trying to take off a sweaty sports bra and getting stuck in the process!" - Susan, Grand Rapids
Best For: Running
The Fiona is absolutely my jam for running. It's not quite as high impact as the Juno, which is the bra most women who have any significant boobage tend to love, but I cannot stand any bra with racerback straps when I'm running. So the Fiona is my go-to. Enough impact resistance to handle some major miles, but super comfy for those long runs. It also has front adjustable straps, which are not to be discounted now that I'm a nursing mom! - Christina, DC (PS. Check out all the colors for The Fiona)
Best For: Weightlifting
"When it comes to sports bras, I just need something simple that won't be more complicated than my workout. Which is why I love the Rebound Racer by Brooks. I love to weight lift and wearing this bra, I can guarantee a great sweat sesh that offers full support so my main focus can be on just getting stronger." - Lisa, DC
What's your go-to sports bra?
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