Virtual Good Form Running

Have you attended our Good Form Running clinics at any of our 5 Gazelle Sports location?

The Good Form Running clinic provides an overview of what we consider the most important biomechanical issues influencing running form. We present key points in a simple and easy to apply manner while giving individual feedback and attention, including filmed analysis of each attendees form. The objective is to provide GFR attendees with the necessary tools to run easier, faster and injury-free.

Because we are unable to host in-store clinics at the moment, we brought Good Form Running right to your living room. Louis, Gazelle Sports Grand Rapids, will be walking you through the 4 key points of Good Form Running: Posture, Mid-Foot, Cadence and Lean.

Running Barefoot Vs. With Shoes
*these videos were recorded previously at a Good Form Running Clinic


There were a few really consistent patterns we saw through this entire class (that's why we call it "common form"). Almost everyone overextended their stride out in front of them, forcing them to land on their heel. As a result, their feet snap down quickly so the rest of the body can transition successfully. They lean back a little to brace themselves for the braking actions. Many runners' postures are affected too - we see our arms bunch up and we fight gravity.


When we removed the shoes we saw some pretty crazy changes. We did this to take away the runner's cushion, exposing their bodies to the actual forces it goes through during a run. By the time they got to the camera, their body had adjusted how it moves to make it easier on itself. There was far less heel-striking occurring and far more knees bending to brace the impact. The upper bodies were more relaxed and nearly all runners were taller and "daintier", for lack of a better term. Remember - "run tall, run light". Good form!

*We record this second video and share it with you not to tell you to start running barefoot. You need the cushion, support, and technology in shoes to help you stay injury-free. We show this video to demonstrate that your body knows how to run with better form; we just need to re-train it!