What’s your hydration plan?

Gazelle Sports was born and raised in Michigan. We’ve spent summers slogging our way through long runs on humid Saturday mornings (it’s basically swimming, right?). And we’ve wiled away sunny afternoons on the shores of Lake Michigan. When it gets hot, we get out, but we also remember to stay hydrated! We’re happy to share our collective water wisdom with you and maybe learn a thing or two from your experiences in return.

When summer comes to Michigan, hydration becomes even more important when you’re training. Your level of hydration impacts your whole body – heartbeat, bloodflow, temperature regulation, delivery of nutrients to cells, muscle function and joint cushioning to name a few – and therefore impacts your performance and ability to run. Dehydration is also the leading cause of training injuries.

We have a number of products, like the Nathan Trail Mix Plus belt featured here, that will help you stay hydrated. This fully-adjustable, bounce-free, two-flask hydration belt now includes a larger storage pocket to hold all of your running essentials and smartphones up to iPhone 6 Plus.

4637nmbo_trailmixplus_methylblue_nwYou can also hydrate more effectively by adding an electrolyte-replacement drink to the water you’re drinking. Electrolyte drinks like Nuun and GU Hydration Drink Tabs contain sodium and potassium to enhance water absorption and retention. Nuun tabs are gluten-, dairy- and soy-free and made from plant-based ingredients. They contain an optimal blend of electrolytes that keep you hydrated for all levels of activities – whether you are running a marathon or a marathon of errands.

NuunCome see us today to find the right products for you, including electrolyte replacement drinks which are key in keeping your body functioning at its best. Our staff is excited to help you stay hydrated and moving all summer long!