The Dos and Don'ts of Race Day

Is race day right around the corner for you?
How many are you gearing up for the big day with a brand new running outfit? How about waiting to try a new flavor of GU during the race? Or, maybe you can't wait to eat a big slice of pizza the night before because #treatyourself you're running a new distance the next day.

When it comes to race day, it can be itimidating on what is the "norm" versus what is a "no-no" to guarantee a successful race. Which is why Run Camp Coach, Alli Land, put together a few do's and don'ts to get you to the starting line stress free.

Do's and Dont's

Pack a bag the night before - knowing what you’re bringing and having everything laid out will give you peace of mind and keep you from scrambling in the morning.

Attend the expo - a lot of times there’s good information for race day at the expo. Plus having your bib and packet the night before will save you having to wait in line race-morning.

Warm up before you race! Have a routine ready to go.

Run in brand new shoes on race day. Even if they are the same brand and style you’ve been wearing.

Try any new nutrition on race day. Only tried and true. You never know how your body is going to react to ingesting something new.

Bring a bag to check (assuming there is gear check at your race). This way you can have dry clothing and different shoes and sock to put on after you run.

Forget your bib. I’ve done this. It causes undue panic.

Forget your bib. I’ve done this. It causes undue panic.

Run in any new clothing. Chafing. Ow.

Freak out about the weather. It will be what it will be. It’s one aspect of the race you cannot change.

Eat anything different or new the night before or morning of.

Have your race day nutrition ready to go. Know what you’re eating for breakfast, have your gels or chews packed and ready.

Check the weather forecast ahead of time. Know what you need to bring to wear.

Get caught up in the excitement and adrenaline of race morning and go out too fast. Control your effort at first. Save some energy for later in the race.

Keep your head up, look around, and enjoy! You’ve worked hard to get to this point. Run your best race possible!

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