Why you should regularly replace your running shoes - don't be like Todd

One of the most important things you can do for the quality of your run is to replace old shoes

Christina Morrow / Run Camp Series - Vol 1  

I want to share with you a story called Todd and the Two-Year-Old Shoes. It's a harrowing tale fraught with trials and tribulations, but worry not, there is a happy ending...

Todd was relatively new to running - two years ago. He started out doing everything right. He went to his local Gazelle Sports store and was fitted for shoes that supported his personal needs and goals. He chose his race and was diligent in his training. He ran his race and was happy with his time. All was well in the world. Todd continued to run, but as time went on he started getting some knee pain. Knee pain turned into back and hip pain. Todd figured he was just running too much or maybe he just wasn't cut out to run after all. So after two years of regularly running, he stopped. Todd was miserable not running. He didn't know what to do with himself. Finally, Todd's wife told him to go back to those friendly people at Gazelle Sports and ask what they could do to help. The savvy folks at Gazelle Sports quickly deduced that Todd was being a bit of a dunderhead about running in the same pair of shoes for two years. They got Todd into a new pair of shoes, and low and behold, all was right in the world. Todd's pain went away and he was running again!

Don't be like Todd. Replace your shoes.

The shoes you lace up every time you leave the house for a run will be the most important piece of any run. They can so easily be the difference between a good and bad run, a painful for pain-free run. There will certainly be other aspects that influence the quality of your run - the recovery time between runs, the current weather outside, your nutrition and hydration status - but I would argue that shoes are key. So, starting out with the right pair is essential. Getting fit for shoes that will support your body's mechanics as well as your training goals is vital (we're here for you at Gazelle Sports, offering complimentary gait analysis and shoe fittings). But equally important is replacing those shoes when they start to break down. Depending on how often you run, how you run, how far you run, if you're cycling between more than one pair of shoes and myriad other variables, your running shoes may break down faster than you might think.

Conventional wisdom is that a pair of running shoes will last between 300-500 miles. Personally, I know the shoe I run in and the way that I run will give me about 250 miles per each pair of shoes. The second my right knee starts to hurt during a run, I know it's time for a new pair of shoes.

For most of us, it is a new ache or pain that crops up which signifies that perhaps ones shoes have worn out, especially if you have not made an significant changes anywhere else, like drastically increasing your mileage. If you're not sure, we're always here to take a look and help you work through any issues that arise! Just come on in to your local Gazelle Sports. Our goal is to keep you running!