JR Copa 19.1 Firm Ground Cleat - Footwear White/Solar Yellow/Off White

$54.99 $110

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Winter is gone, and the sun is rising again! Cold winds and rainy days are history, and the sun is regaining its power. It's time to celebrate spring and its vibrant colours - which is exactly what adidas celebrates with the Virtuso Pack. With its white base and sprinkles of bold colours, the pack is all about the creative player that stays ahead of the opponents. Focus is the new high, for those that wants to stand out. Showcase your self!

  • The boot consists of kangaroo leather with revolutionary Fusionskin technology, which reduces water absorption and offers unprecedented comfort
  • Constructed with X Ray foam cushions on the top that provides a controlled ball touch, as well as the feeling of being completely close to the ball
  • Circular knitted plush consisting of strategically placed foam cushions for optimal shock absorption
  • The boot frame is made of Exoframe, which provides sublime stability and increases the traction and acceleration
  • Stud pattern consisting of circular and semi-circular studs, which increases rotation during sharp turns
  • Color: Footwear White/Solar Yellow/Off White