Garmin + Aftershokz

Run smarter! Two of our favorite pieces of technology are here to make your runs better, and easier. Garmin does all the tracking you need to keep on top of your training schedule, even providing training plans to your watch through Garmin Coach. 

As for music, pair with Aftershokz headphones for a wire-free and SAFE way to jam out on your runs! Bluetooth Aftershokz headphones work through bone conduction - leaving your ears open to any potential alerts while still letting you rock out to your favorite tunes. Access your music straight from your Garmin watch without having to haul your phone!

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Aeropex Headphones - Cosmic Black

$159.95 Aftershokz

Air Wireless Headphones

$119.95 Aftershokz

Titanium Headphones

$79.95 Aftershokz

Forerunner® 645 Music Smartwatch

$449.99 Garmin