Generation Ucan

UCAN Coffee Bean Energy Bar

Try the only bar with the revolutionary UCAN SuperStarch for steady energy, plus protein, fiber and healthy fats to curb cravings!

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  • LONG-LASTING ENERGY ON THE GO: Fuel workouts, curb cravings, and optimize between-meal snacks with game-changing nutrition. Powered by SuperStarch, a revolutionary ingredient that releases a steady stream of energy over time, UCAN Energy bars were designed for you to give your best effort.
  • DEVELOPED WITH PURPOSE: Originally created for a child with a rare metabolic disorder, SuperStarch provided the energy needed to help him sleep through the night without medical intervention. Subsequent clinical research demonstrated that the benefits of SuperStarch would help elite athletes looking for an edge.
  • CURB HUNGER CRAVINGS: Low sugar and added whey protein to help with blood sugar management and improve metabolic health.
  • TRUSTED BY THE PROS: Medical experts, dietitians, and professional athletes rely on the game-changing nutrition UCAN provides to perform at their best every day. The consistent delivery of energy minimizes the spike and crash associated with other sports nutrition products to help maintain strong performance from start to finish.
  • HEALTHY, EFFICIENT CALORIES: Clean, natural ingredients without any additives. Gluten-free and keto-friendly. Everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Product Specs

  • UCAN Energy Bar, Cinnamon, Powered by SuperStarch®, Whey Protein, Gluten-Free, No Trans Fats, Naturally Sweetened, 1.5oz Bar, 12 Count
  • This flavor has 170 calories, 13g SuperStarch, 5g whey protein, 4g fiber, and 6g sugar per bar.

How to Use

  • Daily Energy: Eat a UCAN bar for breakfast or between meals for feel-good energy. UCAN bars give you a slow-release of complex carbs to steady your blood sugar, which promotes long-lasting energy and helps curb cravings.
  • Pre-workout: UCAN bars are an easy to digest pre-workout snack. Eat a bar 30-90 minutes before your workout for steady energy.
  • Post-workout: UCAN bars can help you curb post-workout cravings. Eat a bar immediately after your workout to help you get to your next meal without a crash.