Picky Bars

Picky Bars - Cookie Doughpness

Style Number: CD10


Yeah, we've heard it. "This doesn't taste like cookie dough!" But you know what? We live in a land full of diverse cookie options, and we thought cinnamon raisin wasn't getting its fair representation. We added walnuts and use Red Ape® cinnamon to really turn up the flavor dial, and are happy to report it tastes closer to something that came out of mom’s oven rather than your gym bag.

  • Gluten, dairy, soy, and GMO free. Vegan!

  • 79% organic ingredients.

  • 63% of sugars from fruits, nuts, and grains

  • Balanced with athletes in mind, but great anytime.

  • 4:1 carb:protein ratio = ingredient science.

Contains peanuts and tree nuts (walnuts). Produced in a facility that uses tree nuts and soy. May contain pit or shell fragments.