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Gifts for the Mom who Does it All

Christina Morrow - Gazelle Sports Visual Media Manager
Christina has been with Gazelle Sports for over seven years. In that time, she ran one marathon and four half marathons, got married, played a ton of soccer, dislocated one finger, had two children 18-months apart, picked up and put down her yoga practice an unknown number of times, found a new love of bouldering, lost her passion for cooking haute cuisine and has made peace with the fact that nuking chicken nuggets or cooking scrambled eggs and pouring cereal are acceptable forms of dinner, and more or less survived a global pandemic with two under the age of two (then three) unscathed. “I may be doing it all, but it rarely feels like I’m doing it all well,” Christina said. “The thing I have down, mostly thanks to my job, is a wardrobe that flows from one thing to the next seamlessly, no matter what life throws at me.”

Here are Christina's top picks:

Bonus if there’s a side pocket that fits a phone. These go from crawling on the floor with kids, to warrior pose, to lounging with an episode of Ted Lasso and a glass of wine in-hand.

Anything from Vuori
Vuori pieces are so versatile and SOFT. Seriously the softest thing in the world, I’ve been known to sleep in their joggers (and then wake up and do it all over again).

Hydroflask bottle
When you’re a mom of young kids, there’s a very good chance you’re suffering from chronic sleep deprivation. Besides catching more Zs, hydration helps.

Trucker hat
Sometimes, I just don’t have it in me to wash my hair. For some reason, it feels like this Herculean task, which really makes no sense given how simple of a task it is. But when I just can’t handle that one more thing, it’s a trucker hat to the rescue.

Besides my running shoes, my Sorels get the most wear three seasons out of the year. They’re oh-so-stylish and comfy, plus they can tackle any weather.