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Gift Picks for the New Runner or Walker

John Ranville - Gazelle Sports Run Community Coordinator
As our Grand Rapids Run Community Coordinator, John has worked with countless new runners and walkers and gotten a real sense of what they need to get off on the right foot (pun intended!) A new runner can definitely get away with just a solid pair of shoes that fits properly, but there are some additional pieces that can make a world of difference and turn a new runner into a seasoned one with multiple Michigan freezing winters and scorching summers behind them. Here are some of those pieces that make the perfect gift:

Not just any shoe will work. Making sure that shoes fit properly and has the right amount of cushion and support is HUGE! Getting fit for shoes is a game changer!  

Cotton is rotten! Make sure that socks have wicking capabilities to help keep moisture away from your feet. Dry feet are blister-free feet.

Wicking apparel
Something that is comfortable and wicks sweat away (again, avoid cotton!). Cold-weather running will mean layering, especially on top. Look for features like bright colors and reflective tape that will keep you safe running in the dark, as well as at least one zippered pocket so you can safely store your keys/phone.

Hats can have several uses! They can help keep sweat out of your eyes and protect your head against the sun, as well as shield your eyes. But in the winter months, you’re looking for warmth from a hat or headband.

Hydration is a key part to any workout! It's important to not only stay hydrated during a workout but to make sure to hydrate before and after too. Water is great, but make sure to get some electrolytes during a workout!