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Gift Picks PR Chaser/Shoe Aficionado

Tommie Runz - Chip Time Running Founder
One of our Herd Inspiring Friends, Tommie's running journey began in 2018 when he was challenged to run the Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon in Chicago that year. He’s been hooked ever since, chasing PRs. Since getting into running in 2018, Tommie has grown a solid network of running friends, founded a running apparel company called Chip Time Running, and started an Instagram Live Show and podcast called The RUN EAT SLEEP Show. As a runner, like many of us, Tommie continues to chase his goals and most recently qualified for The Boston Marathon with a chip time of 2:48:43. He aspires to continue improving on his times in the 5K through the marathon, while inspiring others to live happier, more mindful and healthier lives.

He believes that living "A Runner's Life" by running smart, eating healthy, sleeping, recovering like a pro and repeating consistently can transform our lives and the world...RUN EAT SLEEP REPEAT. Follow him @TommieRunz

Here are Tommie's top picks for the PR Chaser:

Self Massage Tool
From foam rollers to massage guns, there are all sorts of massage tools to minimize soreness and keep you running fast and strong.

Fast Shoes
Almost every shoe brand these days is putting out a shoe meant to go FAST. Try some on, see what works for you and your goals, and get after that PR.

Garmin Watch
Definitely go for a model with a chest strap that will connect to the watch to provide heart rate, which gives you all sorts of additional (and accurate) data that will be super useful in seeing where you are in your training. You’ll know if you’re overtraining, need to push harder, take a longer rest between runs, not to mention all sorts of other data you won’t even know what to do with. It is insane, and insanely useful.

Chip Time Running Jacket
Because, come on, you know you need one!