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Gift Guide for Trail Lovers

Gift Picks for the Trail-Loving Tree-Hugger

Sammie Bennett - Co-Leader of Trail Sisters Grand Rapids
My name is Sammie Bennett, I am 32 years old and a Michigan native! I am an endurance runner, who loves all things outdoors; trail running, road running, cycling, and hiking! I have a passion for getting outside, supporting Mental Health organizations, and being a part of the running community in West Michigan. I am a member of Lyon St Run Club and co-leader for Trail Sisters Grand Rapids. I love to travel all over, but my favorite adventure thus far is my trip to Moshi, Tanzania to summit Mt Kilimanjaro in 2020. When I am not adventuring I am focusing on my career in Tech Sales, going to see live music, or spending time with friends and family.

Here’s what’s on my holiday wish list:

Women's Nike Windrunner Jacket 
I LOVE the print on this jacket and this would be perfect in the trails to throw over a long sleeve to help block the wind while still being visible. The small pockets are perfect for keys/phone on shorter runs and the hood is so nice to have to throw up for colder days.

Women’s Performance Hike Light Cushion Mountain Print Crew
I always love a good pair of taller socks while running the trails to help keep snow/ice or brush off my ankles. These are lightweight, but also warm enough for winter months. I love the cute mountain/trail design!

Women’s Pegasus Trail 2 Running Shoe

I love Nike Pegasus Trail runners, the colors are fun for Fall/Winter and would go with mostly any outfit. They have a perfect tread for light snow/ice in Michigan Trails.

Unisex Agile 2 set Trail Running Pack
Lightweight trail vest to stash gels, phone, keys, etc in for your longer trail runs. I’d love to have this to free my hands and pockets while out on the trails.

TerraFire 400RX Hand Torch
As we know the winter months get dark so for after work runs a hand torch is a MUST. I prefer to hold my light vs wearing a headlamp.

For when the treads on the Nikes just aren’t enough when more snow/ice hits Michigan. These provide an extra grip to keep you on your feet! I am always falling, so I need all the help I can get :)

Alo Cargo Leggings
I love the color of these leggings and the comfort cannot be beat. These are perfect to throw on for a quick trail run or for lounging around afterwards. They provide a lot of warmth and comfortability.

Women’s Spacer ½ zip cropped sweatshirt
I love to wear an extra layer for our colder winter months. This crop can provide warmth but also a bit of style on the trails.

Women’s Boyfriend Beanie
I am loving this cute boyfriend beanie to throw on for a quick run or hike.

Women’s Hypernite Reflective Convertible Glove
For me mittens or a convertible option are a MUST in the winter. My fingers lose circulation fast and mittens are the best go. I love this color and option to have the extra layer with the convertible style glove.