I'm Not a Runner, But...

Shelby Scholl - Assistant Footwear Buyer
There are plenty of people who run but don’t consider themselves “a runner”. Well, we have news for you: you are! Regardless of the miles you put in, you need the gear to do it. Take it from part-time runner, full-time awesome person Shelby, our Assistant Footwear Buyer in Grand Rapids. She laces up on occasion, and is a firm believer in being active no matter what your body type. Here are her top 5 picks (BONUS: none require having to ask for a size!):

Holiday Gift Guide / I'm Not a Runner, But....

Nothing ruins your run like stuff rubbing you the wrong way, and when you’re wearing clothes you don’t wear often, a little prevention can make a big difference!

Whether a zippered pocket, a belt, or pack, having somewhere to put keys is, well, key to not worrying about losing them!

These are great for keeping the sun out of your eyes and face so you can focus on running without squinting or fretting about getting burned.

Drinking water is something everyone needs to do, even runners who don’t think they’re runners! A water bottle, carrier, or vest is a gift that will keep on giving.

Sometimes fitting in a run means heading out early or late when visibility is low. Nothing says I care like lighted devices and reflective wear!