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Come run with us!

We're your local running store here to help you get out and go!
Whether that means a first jog out the door or first marathon, we're a running community you can count on.

Introducing Let's Run this Summer and the 2020 Distance Club

We believe that movement can change your life, and moving together creates healthier communities! Although, summer 2020 is going to be different than any we’ve experienced, we are excited to support your journey. In order to meet the needs of our running community in this unique moment, we are launching the Gazelle Sports 2020 Distance Club, and Let’s Run this Summer! These FREE programs will give you the accountability to keep you on track through the next 5 months. We're here to help you train for whatever this fall brings- whether that's an in-person race, a virtual event, or just life.   


We’ve seen you out there walking and running over the last several weeks, and we want to help you achieve your next goal! Let’s Run this Summer is an online group for starters to 10k runners, and it’s free this summer! Led by a Lydiard trained coach, the group will feature training and gear tips, support and accountability, and a social community of other runners who are on similar movement journeys. Get access to regular Facebook Live Q&A sessions, and three options for training schedules: Beginner’s Program, Next Steps 5k and 10k.

As excited as we are to get started? The program is free, but registration is required. Once registered, you'll receive a follow up email with an invitation to join the Facebook group where you'll have access to all of the info that you need.

Half & Full Marathon

Have a half or full marathon distance event on your fall bucket list? Looking for some accountability, and a virtual community to support you along your journey?

Join Gazelle Sports 2020 Distance Club! This virtual half and full marathon training club will help get you where you want to go. Sign up to receive access to our invite-only Facebook group that includes:

  • An 18 week half marathon or full marathon Lydiard based training schedule to follow along
  • Accountability of others training for a similar distance
  • Monthly info clinics on everything from injury prevention and recovery tips, to how to pick the right running watch to track your miles
  • Moderated by our Lydiard certified coaches
  • Invitation to join one of our location specific Strava clubs, which includes route suggestions based on weekly mileage expectations

Looking for an even more in-depth training experience? Sign up for Virtual Run Camp!


“I really enjoy coaching and helping others reach their goals. I look forward to getting you to your goal weather that is a PR, a new distance, or just getting moving! Let's make this season a great one!”
- John Ranville, Gazelle Sports Grand Rapids

Not sure which program to choose or need some training direction? Get in touch with Coach Alli for an online consultation about your training goals!