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Join us as we celebrate Small Business Saturday! We're partnering with local small businesses owned or founded by folks from underrepresented communities for a series of pop-up shops at each of our locations. We hope you'll "pop in" to check them out and shop local this holiday season! Click the names below for details and when to catch them at our stores.

BIRMINGHAM: Chip Time Running
GRAND RAPIDS: Public Threads & Emme's Plantain Chips
HOLLAND: Paper Trails Greeting Co.
KALAMAZOO: Glove State Gear

Gazelle Sports Grand Rapids

Public Thread is a Michigan based company working with and designing around upcycled materials to create artfully crafted products.

By using upcycled materials from a wide variety of industries, they have kept over 100,000 pounds of textiles from the landfill. Starting with grain bags from breweries and quickly expanding to a wide array of specialty fabrics, traditional textiles, 3D knit material, leather, and banners, signs, and billboards.

Their designers transform these rescued materials into a diverse collection of exceptional, expertly crafted products for the mindful consumer.

“I want to honor the people & process of making.”


Gazelle Sports Grand Rapids

Emme is a kindhearted, loving mother of four that enjoys experimenting in the kitchen. Looking to curb the unhealthy snacking in her family between meals, Emme started making plantain chips. Why? Because in her native Nigeria, plantain chips are a common treat to have during the day.

While creating the snack for her family, she was struck by a thought. Why not share this find with her community? After long months of preparation, Emme had four original plantain chip flavors. After attending local farmer's markets, she realized she wasn't the only one after a healthy snack.

While she's happy to find support, she's even happier that she is helping people eat better throughout the day.


11am - 2pm
Gazelle Sports Holland

The running community is near and dear to my heart for being one of inclusivity, support, and celebration. My mission is to celebrate the experience of every runner, while strengthening the bonds of the running community through the simple joy of snail mail.

I hope every runner can look at these cards and find something to relate to— and a reason to celebrate others, too.

Meet the founder of Paper Trails Greeting Co:

Kristen Doornbos is a runner, a writer and creative, an entrepreneur, and a licensed massage therapist from Grand Rapids, MI. Her witty, thoughtful, and relatable cards can apply to any runner, and they come from her own experiences (and mishaps) with this sport we all love so much."

Gazelle Sports Kalamazoo

Glove State Gear was established in 2011 and is a locally owned brand based in Kalamazoo, MI. GSG offer Michigan themed gear with a street wear twist. Our graphic design elements focus on giving information about the Great Lakes state in a unique and stylish way.

Meet the founder of Glove State Gear:

Aaron White was born and raised in Kalamazoo. He is a father to 4 beautiful children and a husband of 14 years. He grew up on the east side of Kalamazoo and went the Comstock high school, before attending Kalamazoo Valley where he obtained an associates degree in graphic design. Creativity, art and design have always been an interest and love of Aaron’s- whether it’s drawing, painting, photography or building. As an African American graphic designer, it’s important to Aaron to be an inspiration- to show urban youth “we can do this too”.

Gazelle Sports Northville

Founded on May 4, 2019, WeRun313 is the premier run club of Detroit. It is the fastest-growing club in the state. Our slogan Connect. Run. Build is what we believe in, it makes the club unique. The “Connect” is what makes the club stronger, it gives us a powerful sense of unity and connectedness. “Run” is what brings us together. It is the essential piece of what we do physically and mentally. The feeling after pushing your own limits unlocks a higher level of self-love and awareness. “Build” is what keeps us together, supporting one another, building relationships, and strengthening our community, on the common goal of being better runners and overall better humans.

Gazelle Sports Birmingham

Chip Time is a local metro detroit black owned company.

Run Eat Sleep Repeat represents a runner’s life. Chip Time Running was established in 2020 to a bring a clean, fashionable look to us as runners while boldly showcasing our lifestyle.

Wherever we go, we are who we are…runners.