A Sight for Thor Eyes Sunglasses



WHO SAID SAVING THE WORLD CAN’T BE FUN? Now take these sunnies and run, smash, throw, leap, or fly to where you’re needed. If you’re not feeling these, try our other heroic shades for Super Hero size.

No Slip. No Bounce. All Polarized. All Fun.

  • No Slip
  • No Bounce
  • All Polarized
  • No Leopards

Imagine you get to hang out with Marvel's Thor for a day.

What would you do? Revel? Take selfies with Mjolnir? Tell Thor "It's me, Loki," and laugh maniacally? Would Thor think that's funny? Or would he throw you in the Asgardian Dungeons? What if he threw you in the dungeons, then came back five minutes later, and revealed he was pranking you?

Would he say, "You're A Sight For Thor Eyes"?

  • Scratch Resistant & Shatter Proof Layer
  • Polarized Filter
  • Scratch Resistant & Shatter Proof Layer
  • UV 400 Protection