Pro Massage Roller

The roller provides relief to tense, tired and sore muscles by rolling the massage gears across the legs, arms, back and other affected muscle groups.

Available for store pickup at the following locations:


Looking for some major bragging rights? Add a Pro to the family. Yes, it may be an inanimate one, but who’s checking. The Pro Roller gives you all the customization you need and want when it comes to your massage. And trust us, it will massage you like no other roller will. It’s time to cheat on your old roller.

  • Features both soft and medium-density Skin Surface Technology (SST) that gives a gentle and tactile feel to the massage. 
  • Includes a pinpoint precision gear that massages hard to reach areas or gives added intensity to a massage. 
  • The three gear designs allow for a versatile massage.
  • 21" long