Men's HyperNight Reflective Glove - Black Topo


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Built for the runner's life, these lightweight stretch gloves with an eye-catching reflective pattern are as comfy as they are stylish. Smart device compatible so you don't have to take your gloves off to answer a call, change the song or take a picture. Stay motivated and on the road; ideal for days that make your noise drip and your fingers frosty.

Stretch spandex fabric with a brushed fleece lining for dexterity. Back of hand pocket easily holds a key or cash. Keep your fingers warm on chilly days in the 30° to 50°F/-1° to 10°C range.

Conductive TruTouch™ technology on “texting” finger allows smart phone operation with gloves on so you can answer a call or take a picture. And best of all, there is a built in chamois to wipe your nose in the cold.

  • Stretch spandex fabric
  • Brushed fleece lining for dexterity and warmth
  • Back-of-hand pocket easily holds a key or a Strobe Light
  • Conductive TruTouch™ technology on “texting” finger with gloves on
  • Nose wipe chamois thumb
  • Reflective graphic detailing for visibility
  • Pairs perfectly with Strobe Light LED Safety Light Clip
  • 74% Nylon, 18% Spandex, 6%Polyester, 2% Polyurethane
  • Weight: 1.5 oz / 18 g
  • Color: Black Topo