Ice Spike

Ice Spike Deluxe

ICESPIKE™ is a unique concept for best traction anytime or anywhere. ICESPIKE™ ice spikes can be installed as traction studs on the soles of any road running shoes, walking shoes, hiking boots, works boots and trail running shoes. ICESPIKE™ is versatile and dependable in muddy and wet conditions, loose gravel and uneven terrain, on slippery roots and rocks, and the treacherous surfaces of ice and snow. You can depend on ICESPIKE™ for serious traction for every activity all year round!


  • Outstanding traction on any treacherous surface or rugged terrain in any season
  • Eliminates need for slip-on straps, chains, coils or other bulky attachments
  • Unsurpassed in stability, security, comfort and durability by any other product
  • Easily installed on any running or walking shoes, work or hiking boots, or waders
  • Deluxe package includes 32 spikes plus one precision ICESPIKE installation tool
  • Old packaging is a cardboard placard with a thin film. NEW packaging is the Canvas pouch.