Joshua Tree Sunglasses



The great beauty of America’s national now available...FOR YOUR FACE! Nine stunning sunnies! All inspired by a different national park! Good for hiking, kayaking, climbing, and...stuffing s’mores into your face after sipping...whatever beverage you put into your canteen.

People come to Joshua Tree National Park for lots of reasons.

To hike amongst the stunning Joshua trees and red rocks.

To meditate at the purple and pink sunrise.

To "find themselves".

Throw these goodr National Park sunnies on, be unabashedly yourself, and people will come to you. Both to admire the incredible Joshua Tree sunnies on your face, and also to ask you for directions back to the trail. "But maybe YOU'RE the trail, man."

Congrats. You just found yourself. Meditate on THAT.

No Slip. No Bound. All Polarized. All Fun

  • Scratch Resistant
  • Shatter Proof Layer
  • Polarized Filter
  • UV 400 Protection
  • Anti Scratch/Anti Salt Water