Long Live King T'Challa Sunglasses



WHO SAID SAVING THE WORLD CAN’T BE FUN? Now take these sunnies and run, smash, throw, leap, or fly to where you’re needed. If you’re not feeling these, try our other heroic shades for Super Hero size.

No Slip. No Bounce. All Polarized. All Fun.

  • No Slip
  • No Bounce
  • All Polarized
  • No Leopards

These Marvel's Black Panther comic book-inspired sunnies will help you feel like King T'challa... and you don't even have to duel a rival in one-on-one ritual combat! Unless you want to.

When goodr first started, we solved every conflict with one-on-one ritual combat. We said, "If it works in Wakanda, it works for us!" Then we hired a legal team and they said, "No. Stop it. Wakanda's not real." Stupid legal team, killing all our fun.

Well, we have four words for you: LONG LIVE KING T'CHALLA!!!

  • Scratch Resistant & Shatter Proof Layer
  • Polarized Filter
  • Scratch Resistant & Shatter Proof Layer
  • UV 400 Protection