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Metasprint Spike

Regular Width | Diva Pink/White | 1093A153-702
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Track spike
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The METASPRINT™ track spike equips competitive sprinters with a blend of power and stability to better their performance. With accumulated knowledge and development for sprint spikes done at the ASICS Institute of Sport Science (ISS), this shoe is designed to shorten the period of contact with the ground while increasing propulsion with each stride. DYNAWRAP™ technology paneling spans from the base of the laces, over the arch, and along the midsole to keep the foot more stable on the shoe's platform. The METASPRINT™ spikes assist track and field sprinters in generating powerful strides, thanks to the honeycomb carbon fiber outsole plate. By eliminating the need for pins, sprinters are also able to make better contact with the ground.


  • Mesh Upper
    Provides excellent comfort and breathability.
  • DYNAWRAP™ Technology
    Enables better midfoot stability by keeping the foot centered on the shoe's platform.
  • Pinless carbon fiber outsole plate improves traction and reduces friction
  • HL-0 mesh technology improves the fit and helps reduce energy loss
  • Color: Diva Pink/White