Nuun Performance Pouch

Style Number: 1190132
You push yourself hard – nuun performance helps you achieve your personal best. Electrolytes + carbohydrates precisely balanced to hydrate you better during long or strenuous effort.

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  • For marathons, cycling, triathlons and other intense activities, optimizing fuel consumption can make the difference between a pr and a painful finish. that’s why nuun partnered with sports nutrition expert, dr. stacy sims, to develop nuun performance – so you no longer need to risk ‘gastric distress’ to stay hydrated and fueled.
  • The precise ratio and kinds of electrolytes and carbohydrates + fluid that are more fully absorbed during strenuous effort
  • Ingredients in their purest forms to be more usable – like dried fruit powder instead of flavoring + fillers.
  • Powder form allows you to make exactly as much as you need each time

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