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Generation UCAN

Whey Cookies and Cream Energy + Protein Tub 12s

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    Powered by LIVSTEADYTM, UCAN Cookies & Cream Energy + Protein Powder is made with whey protein and has a delicious cookies and cream flavor. Our whey-based powder optimizes post-workout muscle repair while unlocking long-lasting energy and curbing hunger.

    Supercharge Your
    Post-Workout Recovery

    Fuel your recovery like top professional athletes with UCAN Cookies & Cream Energy + Protein powdered drink mix. The ultimate combination of our revolutionary LIVSTEADY and ever-popular whey protein keeps you energized while aiding in muscle repair post-workout and curbing cravings. And whey protein is ideal for those looking to rebuild their muscles—more so than other proteins.

    • Whey-Based Protein: Our easily digestible whey protein aids in rebuilding muscles and helps optimize your recovery. Trusted by the pros and backed by science, UCAN has been proven in independent clinical trials to improve your body’s metabolic response to exercise.
    • No Sugar, No Stimulants: Reach peak performance with our epic blend of clean, natural ingredients. By stabilizing blood sugar levels, UCAN helps you control cravings and burn fat efficiently, improving overall body composition and wellness.
    • Digest Easily: Gentle on the stomach, UCAN has a slow time-released absorption profile that provides steady energy to the muscles and brain without the bloating and bellyaches. Fuel your workouts and beyond while avoiding GI distress.

    When to Use

    • Immediately after a strength-training workout, for post-exercise muscle recovery and hours of steady energy afterwards.

    • In the morning, for a high protein breakfast that provides long-lasting energy.

    • Anytime protein shake, ideal as an energy-sustaining meal replacement or whenever you need to curb your hunger cravings.