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Kyles Klooster - Holland-02

Store Manager
Kyle Klooster  •  616.940.9888 

“My job at Gazelle Sports allows me to live the life I’ve imagined. Health and wellness have long been a great passion of mine, and I’m so fortunate to come to a job every day where this is so deeply ingrained in all that I do.” -Kyle

Susan Hoddinott - Grand Rapids-02

Assistant Store Manager
Susan Hoddinott  •  616.940.9888 

“Being healthy means everything to me. I truly believe that being active helps you connect with yourself and encourages a healthy mind, body and soul. Working for Gazelle Sports has helped me develop lifelong healthy habits and keeps me striving for new challenges. Gazelle Sports has generated and supported a community where forward moving, healthy habits really latch on. The #1 thing I want to provide to all customers is the feeling of being genuinely welcomed and supported. ” -Susan


Assistant Store Manager
AJ Herbel  •  616.940.9888 

I am happiest when I am outside, being active with my friends and family. Working at Gazelle Sports has allowed me to share that passion and message with everyone that walks through our doors or participates in one of our events. I am so happy and thankful to be in a company that supports my passion and lifestyle!”


Assistant Store Manager
Alyssa Neumen  •  616.940.9888 

“To me, moving is not about how fast or far you go, but rather, did you go?! I love that Gazelle Sports has given me the opportunity to empower a healthy, active lifestyle within our community.  Movement connects people physically, emotionally and spiritually. It paves the path to a happy, healthy lifestyle. I enjoy being surrounded by people who love the outdoors and moving as much as I do; and that is our goal at Gazelle Sports!”

Rob Andro - Grand Rapids-02

Training Programs Coordinator
Rob Andro  •  616.940.9888 

Saying that you live an active lifestyle is easy, but getting outside and getting some dirt between your toes is a hard thing to sell with words.  Being in nature, while laughing and running with friends is the absolute best feeling in the world.  Climbing hills, flying down ridges, and swinging around switchbacks are all part of the trail experience.  We don’t have mountains here, but the terrain in West Michigan is enough to make that beer and laugh at the finish feel like the greatest reward around. ” -Rob


Community Engagement Coordinator
Micah Brown  •  616.940.9888 

 Living a healthy lifestyle is more than just making the time to work out every day. It is finding a healthy balance across all areas of life- work, family, friends, exercise, and relaxation. Being around and working with a great group of people who value a healthy lifestyle is by far my favorite part about working here at Gazelle Sports. I love being able to encourage and help those who walk through our doors here every day. There is nothing better than getting out and challenging yourself both physically and mentally to run faster, lift heavier, go further, and do things you never thought you could!” - Micah