5 Tips to Help Achieve Goals

5 Tips to Help Achieve Goals

You know how it goes. You head to the gym consistently for a couple weeks, then life happens and you don’t go back to the gym for months. Repeat.

You start to take up running but one bad run keeps you discouraged.

You try and hold yourself accountable, but find yourself falling off the bandwagon again and again.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? Are you ready to stop this cycle, crush those goals and stay motivated? Here are a few tips!



It’s important to have a goal to aim for. If you aren’t sure of what your goals are, how do you know when you've obtained them?

HINT: Go beyond “I want to be in shape.” Write down something tangible that you can reach for. Example: Run 1 mile without stopping. Complete a half marathon. Lift 15 lbs dumbells. Whatever your goal is, make sure it is something you know you reached.

After your goal is set: Ask WHY. Why do you want to accomplish this goal? How will it impact you? Those around you? How deeply connected are you to these goals?

Once you find your goal & find your why - you are halfway there.

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You know the old saying, “Fail to plan, plan to fail.”

Find structure to your plan & go after it. Try not to plan so much that you forget to do. If your plan is to run 3 days / week, fit those runs into your schedule. Cook dinner at home? Create a weekly dinner menu.

It may seem challenging at first, but this plan will help lead to your success and achieve those goals.

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Now that we have our goals and our plans set, next is developing healthy habits. Where we are now is most likely a product of the decisions we have made. Begin by thinking of the habits you would like to change and then brainstorm a few habits you would like to adapt into your routine. The more you start to add these habits into your daily routine, the more you will accomplish your goals without even thinking twice. Like brushing your teeth! I'm sure you don't think twice about brushing your teeth, it's just a thing that is done and part of your daily routine.

HINT: Start small and ease into your new habits. Don’t start with any aggressive habits at first.


Grab that accountability friend. You can do this alone, but sometimes it takes a bit of encouragement to get to where you want to be.

Maybe you don’t feel like working out one day, or are too tired to make dinner - talk to your friend and have them help you stay on track. When someone is aware of your goals, it’s easier to stay on track rather than fall off the program when only you are holding yourself accountable.

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Goals don’t happen overnight. You are going to have good days and bad days and on the bad days, those are the days to work even harder. To prove to yourself, you can do this. And don't forget to always be kind to yourself.

If you need an accountability partner, you've gone one. Tag us at #GazelleSports and let help you achieve these goals, we are cheering you on every step of the way.

We believe in you, now go believe in yourself.

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