Andrea Knapp - Gazelle Sports Activator

I ran track in school. After college, I ran off and on. But then life caught up. Career, travel, marriage and kids all came first. It was easy to push exercise off to the side in favor of just a little more sleep. Doctors encouraged me to try walking or running to help with some growing serious health concerns. But I still
wasn’t ready…I didn’t have the time.

When my two daughters hit the tween stage, I started to proactively look for ways to build their confidence. I’d attended several Girls on the Run fundraisers and was familiar with their amazing program that teaches girls life skills while encouraging movement. Since our school didn’t have a GOTR program, I volunteered to coach a session at a nearby YMCA.

During our session we hopped, skipped, walked or ran twice a week. We all
learned about healthy friends, positive behaviors and staying true to ourselves.

We worked each week to get ready for the celebratory 5K. In the end, we all
crossed the finish line to cheering crowds!
But what started as a way to change their lives helped change mine. I loved the experience. I loved the support from the other runners and setting a goal and making it happen. I loved the way I felt when I crossed that finish line.

Since that day, running has now become part of what keeps me sane. I look forward to spending that time challenging myself and pushing what I can do. I love knowing that I’m teaching my daughters to stay committed to a goal. I love that each day I get a little healthier.

Relatively speaking, I’m still a young runner. I have a long way to go but I’ll get there one step at a time because as GOTR likes to say…the finish line is just the beginning.

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