Compression socks and recovery

Compression socks and recovery

The use of compression socks is another way to help aid your recovery

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You’ve just finished a long run after a long week. And while you are feeling pretty good about how the run went, your body still feels tired. It was, after all, a long workout. You’ve stretched, you’ve foam rolled. But what else might be of benefit to your recovery? The answer is compression.

Wearing compression socks or sleeves post-run aids in muscle recovery by increasing blood flow to the targeted muscles. Theses socks or sleeves can also help keep muscles warmer, and thus more pliable to keep you from getting stiff. Additionally these socks, tights, and sleeves can be the answer to reduced muscle soreness due to increased circulation. In other words, you recover faster with compression!

In other words, you recover faster with compression!

You can also wear compression gear during a run. While not much scientific research has been done on the specific benefits of wearing compression gear while running (much more has been done on the recovery benefits), many find that compression gear controls muscle oscillation, and thus reduces impact forces from repeated foot strikes. This makes them feel better during a run. There have also been many athletes who have benefitted from the use of compression socks when running and dealing with shin splints; while wearing socks or sleeves they experienced less pain from the condition.

The best way to see if compression can benefit your training is to try it out. We carry socks and calf sleeves in various colors and sizes to suit your needs!

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