Day 2 – Don’t forget your speed work

The 31 Days of Fitness continues, with today’s tip coming from Caroline C. in our GR store:

“This is the time of year when many of us are thinking about those long-distance races in the spring. What we sometimes forget about in logging mile after mile in preparation is the importance of speed workouts for distance training. Speed workouts improve your running economy (shorter, faster repeats train your body to burn less fuel while going further, like getting better gas mileage for your legs), they break up some of the boredom and monotony of long run after long run, and short, fast repeats allow you to add some volume of running at a pace that is significantly faster than race pace (which will help get you to your goal race pace). If you’re in Grand Rapids, consider joining the Rapid Herd, which has been running year-round in the best and worst of weather since 2012 on Tuesdays at noon. The workouts are cleverly disguised speed workouts that incorporate fun into the science of training."


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