Day 24 – Leave no time for “what ifs”

“My advice: leave no time for “what ifs” when it comes to getting active. Put yourself out there and enjoy the places it carries you.

Heading into my junior year, my great friend Audrey had convinced me to join our cross country team. I hadn’t really been interested in running before, however I was looking for a new activity to get involved in. Over the summer, I ran the two mile loop around my neighborhood to prepare for the season.

It became apparent during our first week of captain practices that this sport would require a lot more rigorous training. In the beginning, I really wanted to quit after the extensive hill suicides, boot camps and intervals. My mom encouraged me to stick with it and told me it would get a little bit easier every day.

My teammates were incredibly supportive and helped ease my transition onto the team. My first race was the Melon Run in Howell. During my last mile a major storm came in, however it was the most incredible experience seeing my teammates at the last stretch in the torrential downpour.

Needless to say, I joined track and returned to XC this year. My favorite part of the experience has been the amazing people I have gotten to know along the way. I enjoy running because it is one of those sports where you do not need to compete against anyone but yourself and personal record. It does not matter how fast you go, or what place you come in. I was never a varsity or JV runner, however I am sure that I have enjoyed the season just as much as my fellow teammates.” – Sabrina, Gazelle Sports Birmingham

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