Day 26 – Don’t be stupid, be visible

“My advice: don’t be stupid – be visible. I learned this lesson from a co-worker and close friend (we have a habit of turning coworkers into close friends here at Gazelle Sports) when I was training for my first race ever which happened to be the very first Gazelle Girl Half Marathon.

Being new to running, I had no practical idea what I should do while running outside in the dark. I was set straight very quickly by Jessica, who used her “mom” voice on me and scared me into basically turning myself into a Christmas tree every other time I’ve hit the streets in low-light conditions.

It’s crucial and LIFE-SAVING to be visible. And don’t forget to light up your dog, too, who so often ends up running slightly ahead of you. Drivers don’t see you, as you think they do, and even on sidewalks you still cross the path of cars at intersections and driveways.” – Aleksandra, Gazelle Sports Grand Rapids

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