Day 6 – More on moving together

It’s a cold and snowy Saturday morning. The sun has just risen, and the group is beginning to gather. Most of them would not normally be up and out of the house by now, especially on such a blustery morning, but for one fact – there are others waiting for their arrival.


Accountability is one of the very first things people often cite when asked what they value in Gazelle Sports Run Camp. During the winter when the sun hides behind clouds, the flakes fly, and the temperatures drop into the low double or single digits, there is always someone there every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning waiting for you.

Run Camp is a training program unique to Gazelle Sports. It draws people of all ages and abilities – from first time 5k-ers to those who have run multiple marathons. The community and camaraderie is unrivaled.

Included in the program are clinics to help combine different aspects of training with running, as well as nutritional guidance and samples and team leaders to get you to the finish line.

But the real value comes from the motivation you get from the people around you. I may be at the head of the programs here in Holland now, but before that I was a participant and a team leader. This place and this training program are the reason that I still run. If I hadn’t had the support of the team leaders and group members the first winter I ran, I can almost guarantee I would have given up. The environment was welcoming, and everyone was so encouraging. I had never considered myself a runner before, but through the community and support of the training programs, I am now now able to say that I love running and it’s a major part of my life. I am a runner.

All this to say – Gazelle Sports Training Programs will get you there. Whatever your pace, whatever your goal, we will help you arrive at the finish line.
- Allison, Gazelle Sports Holland


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